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  • Roger Osorio, M.S., M.B.A.

    Learning Strategist, Coach, & Speaker

    I am learning strategist, coach, and speaker. My objectives include designing optimal learning experiences for people and coaching them through their own learning experiences. Ultimately, to achieve any goal, you must learn something and I can help you do that.

    Back in 2007, I made a decision to learn how to help people grow in any skill or topic they chose. To that end, I started tutoring high school and college math at a learning center after my full-time day job. Less than a year later I left that full-time job determined to learn how people grow and how I can help them grow. I then spent two years earning an M.S. in Psychology focused on executive coaching and leadership development. During my masters program, I began applying executive coaching to the students I was tutoring and began to notice significantly better results.

    After earning an M.S. in Psychology focused on executive coaching and leadership development, I set out to test executive coaching practices in education, startups, and corporations in order to help people and organizations set and achieve their goals. Since then, my study and practice has focused on the neuroscience and psychology of learning, peak performance, and expertise development.

    Since graduation in 2010, my own learning journey has taken me into the classrooms at both inner city and private schools, venues all around the world teaching aspiring entrepreneurs how to solve problems, and into one of the oldest tech companies in the world, IBM, where I coach executives and facilitate workshops on high performance learning practices. Interested in learning more about my background, check out my LinkedIn profile.

  • My Fundamental Belief

    Above all else...

    I firmly believe that anyone can learn anything he or she chooses. I do not believe you have to be the best at what you choose to learn, instead you need to get on a path to learning it. Greatness will be determined much later, if and when you decide to reach the expert levels in that field. No one is born a math or science person. People become that way through learning and practice. You, too, can learn and practice anything you choose.

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  • 5 Barriers to High Performance Learning

    Lack of Clarity

    Often, when we set goals, they are not clear enough to develop an effective and efficient strategy for achieving exactly what we want. Your plan and strategy can only be as effective as the clarity of your goals.

    Wrong Mindset

    There are two mindsets that play a significant role in achieving goals - fixed and growth mindset. Someone with a growth mindset believes they can grow into their goals through learning and practice.

    No Process for Progress

    We often start on our goals with no plan or process. Without a process for building actions, measuring results, and improving, you risk NOT achieving your goals.

    No Objectivity or Accountability

    It is difficult to be objective with ourselves. Without objectivity and accountability, it is difficult to ask ourselves the challenging and uncomfortable questions that will drive improvement and progress.

    No Feedback Mechanisms

    The surest way to accelerate your learning is to get as much actionable feedback as possible in the shortest amount of time. Without feedback, we do not know how to improve or by how much we need to improve.

  • 4 Step Process for Building Your Learning Experience


    Clearly Define

    the Goal

    Identifying exactly what you want to achieve - specifically and measurably will help you understand exactly what needs to get done.



    the Path

    With a clearly defined and measurable goal, you can begin the work of designing the path to achievement and check it against your learning goal metrics



    & Grow

    One mindset applies here - growth mindset! Design a learning plan to get you exactly where you need to be as quickly as possible!


    Reflect, Refine, & Repeat

    No plan is perfect, but it can get better over time if we reflect, reassess, and refine. Once you are done, repeat the process.

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